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World’s largest network of over 3,000 qualified Makeover Consultants
Makeover Consultants with varied experience and domain expertise
Powered by world’s leading brand in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Space
Over 10,00,000 makeovers conducted in one on one or group mode


Working Professionals
Who want to up their game to climb the ladder by looking, feeling and behaving the part that they are aiming for. Who understand that growth is not only a factor of domain knowledge and performance but personal branding plays a key role.
Home Makers
Who want to reinvent themselves, create an identity of their own and become independent. Who realize the need to become more confident by improving on their appearance, behavior and communication skills in order to make a mark.
Business Owners and Self Employed Professionals
Who want to go to the next level in their business or professional practice. Who understand that branding is not only for their business or profession but their own individual brand and presence makes an impact on internal and external customers.
Job Seekers
Who realize that out of the top ten reasons for rejection in a job interview, not even one has to do anything with their qualification and technical knowledge. Who understand that creating powerful first and everlasting impressions is what gets one selected in interviews for their dream job.
Women on Sabbatical
Who want to reboot and relaunch themselves to get back in the game. Who understand that they need to be ready for their second innings with enhanced confidence by improving on their appearance, behavior and communication skills
Young Adults
Who want to be future ready by acquiring the ever so necessary life skills be it confidence building, personality development, etiquette & mannerism, art of saying no, goal setting, overcoming fear & shyness, time management and more.

Makeovers do not equal makeup

"Our makeovers transform you completely and last lifelong. These are not like the superficial makeovers you see on television wherein the host changes someone’s clothes and applies some makeup. These are everlasting makeovers that enable you to change the way you look, the way you feel and the way you act and behave for greater success in all walks of life."
Suman Agarwal
Senior Most Image Consultant in the Indian Subcontinent
Director- Image Consulting Business Institute and Makeovers Mart

Not Sure Whether You Need a Makeover or What Type of Makeover?

Not Sure Whether You Need a Makeover or What Type of Makeover?

Our Clients Vouch for our Makeovers

“I was looking to fast-track my career and prepare for the next leadership role. With a makeover from ICBI conducted by Vaishali, I can already notice positive changes in both my personal and professional life.”

Rohit Gupta

Finance Manager, Mumbai

“The makeover by ICBI was quite an insightful experience for me, and I realized that it's not your academic qualification alone but how you reflect yourself in front of others goes a long way. It was an eye-opener.”

Sandeep Mantri

CFO, Datamatics, Mumbai

“I had a great makeover experience with ICBI. Shaina, my consultant was very professional and had immense experience to provide a tailored solution.”

Lakshanthi Herath

Senior Manager Branches Channel, Hong Kong.


No matter what your profile, need and budget, we have you covered. With a network of over 3,000 Makeover Consultants coming with varied domain expertise and experience, our makeovers can range from INR 5,000 to INR 2, 00,000 or more. We can also offer a Makeover Consultant on retainer to keep advising and guiding you on a periodic basis.




Fill out the enquiry form to have an interaction with one of our team members who will understand your need and identify the most suitable Makeover Consultant for you based on your profile.


Pay INR 1,000 for an initial 60 minutes “Need Analysis Consultation Session” wherein the consultant will dive deeper to analyze your current level and desired level of transformation. Based on this analysis the consultant will then send you a proposal indicating the duration of your makeover process as well as financials.


Accept the proposal, make an advance payment and start your makeover process to experience total transformation. Your initial payment of INR 1,000 will get adjusted in the final payment of your makeover.

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