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Are You Projecting a Winning Image?Take Assessment

Each one of us presents an image, consciously and subconsciously ALL the time, through our non-verbal communication including appearance. Through the Image that we project we communicate with people without saying a word. This communication impacts our lives in more ways than we ordinarily think.

ICBIs “Are You Projecting a Winning Image” assessment is a diagnostic tool that makes you realize the impact your Image has on others in various situations.

Are You Happy with Your Appearance?Take Assessment

As an individual living and working in a highly complex and competitive society, you must recognize and understand the impact of your appearance as it communicates first to you and then to others. What you wear and the way you look affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act and behave and then the way others react or respond to you.

ICBI’s “Are You Happy with Your Appearance” assessment helps you realize the impact that your appearance creates.

Are You Prepared for Job Interviews?Take Assessment

It is a fact that the decision of hiring you or not happens within the first few seconds of the job interview. The interviewer creates a first impression and on the basis of that the direction of the interview gets steered. While you may be having all the required degrees, qualification and technical knowledge needed for the job that you have applied for, it finally comes down to that crucial interview.

ICBI’s “Are You Prepared for Job Interviews” assessment helps you know your preparedness.

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