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Looking Good Every Day of Our Lives – 3

In our previous posts, we talked of the Basic Principles of Grooming and their necessity when you are at home. This is particularly applicable when you are a home maker.

Think of the impression created by the homemaker who opens the door with unkempt clothing and hair. Even if the house is neat, you form a poor impression.

While Grooming is fundamental to looking good when at home, the topic can never be complete without looking into what you clothe yourself in, the way you treat yourself and others. After all, home is where the most important people in our lives stay in close proximity with us and it is worth the effort to show our recognition of their importance by following the 4 Elements of Image Management.


Clothing is second skin to us and hence is the key component that makes or breaks the impressions we create. Take care of it and you project the image of person in control of her life.

  • Always wear washed and, if possible ironed clothes. At least, make sure the clothes you wear aren’t wrinkled. Your attire must be fresh always. Remember the time you dressed up for a day out and the feeling it had given you that all’s well. More importantly, it lends you credibility and authority with your family and all the people you deal with at home.
  • Lighter shades give an appearance of freshness. If one piece of the attire is of a dark shade, complement it with a white piece. For example, if your kurta is of a dark shade, let the pajama or trouser be of a lighter shade.
  • Many are comfortable lounging in their night clothes till late in the day, sometimes even through the day. Make a habit of limiting them to the night. This applies even to pajamas and track suits which are very comfortable for the nights. Finish your work early in the morning, have a bath and change into fresh clothes. This lets you begin the day with enthusiasm which rubs off on the others too.
  • In the interest of our hot climate, shorts are fine when you are not expecting guests, but make sure they are not wrinkled. Wash and iron the cotton ones.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing, they make you itchy and uncomfortable. Don’t wear baggy wear, it takes away the charm and presence that you possess. Wear clothes that are comfortable and right for you, it builds your confidence.
  • Take prompt care of rips, popped buttons, dangling threads and worn out hemming. Remember the saying, a stitch in time saves nine. In addition to that, leaving these untended gives others the impression of shoddiness in your work. They too will lag in their work.
  • Whether you are wearing dark or light shaded clothes, an apron when you are in the kitchen is a must. You never know when grease, gravy or soapy water lands on your clothes. Take immediate care of stains and don’t leave them for the next wash load. By then, the stain would be next to impossible to remove.

These are some of the basics of attire for looking good at home.

Treat Yourself Right

You are the most important person in your life and the person to whom you can make the biggest difference. Most importantly, looking good starts with feeling good about yourself.

Take a few minutes at the beginning and at the end of the day to be with yourself. If you can, take a breather when you are in the middle of a hectic day’s schedule. However much you think you cannot afford it, it’s worth those few minutes, with a cup of tea or coffee or just lie down or sit and read a book, listen to music or simply meditate or do yoga. It helps you catch your breath and not get run down with the daily schedule.

As we have mentioned in part – II of this series, maintain a healthy diet and workout plan. It can be a daily morning jog or walk, a swim or a visit to the gym or yoga class. Stick to the plan. Don’t go on crash diets or other difficult to stick-to diets that leave you exhausted and craving for food. Drink plenty of water. It’s easy to forget this necessary item during the hectic pace at home although it is always at hand.

A healthy, peaceful, radiant You will keep the energy levels up in the house. Retain your self-esteem even on days when nothing seems to go right.

Treat Others Right

The trick to creating a positive impression each day with your family and others is to treat them right. When we don’t watch out, we tend to show our worst selves to our closest family members. We often forget to smile at and with our near and dear ones. A great smile is half the job done in the department of Looking Good.

Treat your near and dear ones with affection and courtesy. Be reasonable. Never use sarcasm even if you think there is cause for it. Understand that a certain amount of friction is natural when two or more people live at close quarters. Smile and handle the situation with Self-Mastery.

Treat maids and servants as you would want to be treated, with politeness and courtesy. They will respond well to it. Be tough when you need to be, but not harsh. Be consistent when dealing with them.

When guests come over, welcome them and have positive conversations with them. They are not interested in your little troubles all the time. Listen to them with attention. Don’t get into heated debates that hurt the other person.

In short, take care of your inner and outer lives and you will end up looking good every day of your life. Our previous posts, Looking Good Every Day – I and II, talk of the need to take care of yourself and the basic Grooming principles to implement every day at home.

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