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Corporate Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette plays an important role in everyday life including our professional lives. In the current day business scenario, employers conduct interviews, networking or business meetings over lunch or dinner.

In addition to good personality, Image and communication skills, displaying appropriate dining etiquette helps establish an employee’s credibility and reputation. It enables them to be easily accepted in business groups. It is one of the most important skills, which current day employees must add to their professional skills.

Just as an employee’s Image affects the perception and judgement of others, his manners and etiquette also have a powerful impact on the perception and judgement of others. Improper etiquette has often led to failure of talks, deals and negotiations due to the distaste and the wrong impressions conveyed.


  • All the employees exhibit appropriate etiquette and behaviour over fine dining, setting a good impression for themselves and the company
  • Employees are confident of dining etiquette rules and behaviour when deputed on assignments to other companies/ offices or countries
  • Fine dining etiquette which is crucial for senior management interactions could be handled with ease
  • Foreign delegates and other business visitors could be handled with ease and confidence


  • Practical fine dining experience with knowledge inputs on the etiquette code
  • Handling difficult food – practical techniques
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