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What Is Good Grooming and Personal Hygiene?

Appropriate grooming and hygiene is an important part of managing your Image. Employees represent the face of the organisation and the Image they project has an impact on the Image of the organisation. As employees are recruited cross culturally and from various geographic locations, companies strive to bring about uniformity in standard of self presentation by the employees. Often employers stipulate basic grooming standards for the employees along with dress code for the organisation, especially those who interact with clients. In a professional atmosphere, the awareness of proper grooming and hygiene standards among employees is of utmost importance.

Each employee individually has to understand and accept the need for proper grooming and personal hygiene standards. This requires knowledge and inputs regarding the positive impact of good grooming habits & adverse effects of bad grooming habits. Such awareness leads to amicable working conditions and interactions and brings about a highly positive environment in the organisation.


  • Grooming standards of the employees would be at a higher level in line with the objectives of the company
  • Self-presentation of the employees would improve and their Image would bring about positive influence on clients
  • Positive feedback for the company based on the employee grooming and presentation aspects.


  • Grooming – General grooming, hair, nail & skin care
  • Hygiene – Hygiene standards to be observed in professional & social situations
  • Do’s & Don’ts for good grooming and personal hygiene habits
  • Polishing self-presentation skills
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