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What Is Personal Grooming- Make-up, Face Shape and Skin Care

Primarily for women clients, this one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personal grooming, skin care, hygiene, and corrective makeup as per your face shape. Image makers and breakers are covered, and tips on makeup shopping including information on latest brands will be provided.
The session would include an evaluation of the face shape based on which hair styles, make up, accessories, neck line recommendations are made. Detailed guidance on skin care [Skintelligence], nail care, hair care and hygiene aspects are taught. Make up session would include demonstration/ tutorial on Natural or day make up and the Glamour look or evening make up. Tips & tricks for countering the facial features to highlight and sharpen your face would also be given. Adequate information on make-up products suitable for your skin type would be provided.

Benefits/ Take away from the sessions:

  • The consultant evaluates your face shape and helps you identify the right clothing and accessories to suit your face shape
  • Knowledge of daily care to be taken for keeping your skin, hair and nails immaculate and well groomed
  • Saves you time and effort in maintaining grooming and hygiene standards consistently
  • Knowledge of the right hairstyles and make up to counter and enhance the facial features
  • Knowledge of makeup techniques, Natural and Glamour looks, to appear attractive in various events
  • Knowledge of the right brands and products which suit your skin type and tone
  • Saves your time and effort in buying the products

Duration: 6 Hours

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