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Look the Part

In today’s competitive professional world; it is essential to look the part. Many times even the most deserving candidates do not get a managerial promotion as they do not look like a Manager. Looking at the role you play or going to play is one of the most important skills. Appropriate dressing is all about understanding the messages that need to be sent; keeping in mind your roles, goals, and occasions. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant guides you through the effective use of the International Style Scale to understand the language of clothes.

In this session, you will understand –

  • What is Image Cycle
  • 4 A’s of Image Management
  • Appropriate Dressing – knowing what to wear, when and why
  • Language of Clothing through the International Style Scale
  • What is Formal, Business Casual, Smart Casual & Casual dressing
  • Lifestyle activity & mapping of wardrobe gaps
  • Clothing budget and desirable levels of dressing as per roles & goals
  • Fitting Indian clothing on the International Style Scale

Benefits/ Take away from the session:

  • You would achieve clarity as to professional dressing standards in Social & Professional settings
  • You will gain insight on communication of clothes through the International Style Scale and learn to create a variety of looks & project a powerful & desired Image
  • Learn how to plan your clothing budget based on weekly activity
  • Knowledge of an appropriate manner to invest in clothing for various activities, to derive maximum return of investment on clothing
  • You would gain the ability to become the ‘Most appropriately & Best dressed’ person in any situation

Duration: 2.5 Hours

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