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Over a decade, there has been tremendous evolution in the range of cosmetics; several companies have introduced inimitable products for skin and hair. Be it hair colour, serums or skin creams, the purpose of these products are primarily to enhance your appearance and to give an overall stunning look. However one must also be aware of the fact that if you are using any product for the first time, you must make sure that you observe your hair and skin closely. You must do an allergy test prior to using any of these products. This test can be done by applying the product on your wrist, keep it for a minimum of one hour, if there is no reaction, then it can be used safely yet carefully. You should keep a check on your skin for any allergies and reactions.

There is an interesting write up on skin care products by jack and hill. Boots have introduced an anti wrinkle cream; this is not only supposed to be extra strong but also designed for deeper wrinkles. The product is renamed and Boots is selling it for a lesser amount in the US.


Boots is doing a clever thing by renaming their super-popular anti-wrinkle cream in the US and selling it for less money: Americans don’t care if something was a massive stampeding hit across the pond or not, and certainly won’t pay over-the-odds for a product just because it has Britsploitation splashed all over it, especially now that frugal and local are both cool. But I wonder if the name-change is to camouflage the fact that what costs £19.75 in the UK is available in the US for only $21.99 (or only £14.51, even at the current exchange rate)? The one you see here on the left is available in the US and the one on the right is the British one. Both of these are the newly-released extra-strong versions, designed for deeper wrinkles; the originals, also called Protect & Perfect or Restore & Renew but without the “intense”, are still available too. Although I don’t know who rates their wrinkles- surely most customers will go for the maximum possible hit and just get the new stuff?

I’ve been using a sample of the old-style UK P&P for the last few days and must admit to liking it considerably. The only similar product I have tried was a discontinued Clinique serum, which was like glue; this is somewhat dense and foam-ish and feels quite like your natural skin oils once applied. No noticeable wrinkle vanishing in a mere 4 days!- although my husband swears I have no wrinkles, which is probably why I don’t give a fig about the whole face-line issue anyway. One just likes to do what one can!

Before you make a choice of any skin care product, make sure you have correct knowledge of your skin type, climatic conditions, have adequate product knowledge and also be aware of what suits your skin best. With a correct knowledge about these things, you will be able to make a better choice while purchasing products and cosmetics for your skin type and will not get carried away by marketing hype and the way most of the products are cleverly advertised.

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