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Image Management for VOW Jewellery Designers

Not a day goes by without the importance of image management being evident in a small or big way. One such event is the training in image management that ICBI is imparting to the trainee jewellery designers at VOW (Very Own Wish).
An undertaking by Varuna D.Jani, the VOW initiative offers young aspiring designers with the skills and education required in jewellery making and building a successful jewellery brand through training in jewellery design, improving footfalls, visual merchandising, image management, brand building and maintaining public relations.
As part of this programme, VOW engaged ICBI to provide training related to the various elements of image management to young jewellery designers. The ICBI training covered the communication of clothes, grooming, body language, etiquette, image management for enhanced sales and to enhance customer delight, in addition to related subjects.
As jewellery complements clothing, the core element of image management, knowledge of image management is an integral part of jewellery design. It becomes imperative for jewellery designers to project the uniqueness of their work through their image too. This in turn, aids them in their interactions with customers, media and other audience. Further, it is a reflection of how well they understand the customer’s need to project a positive image.


International Program – A Success


The International Image Consulting Partner Program from ICBI provides international exposure to image consultants who graduate from the Image Consulting Partner Program. With curriculum designed under the guidance of Judith Rasband who has 40 years of international image consulting experience in addition to ICBI’s co-founder, Suman Agarwal’s experience, it is a perfect blend of national and international image elements.


So popular has the international program been that the number of batches has risen from one during the year of launch to two consecutive batches so far during this second year. An additional two batches are set to undergo the international program in February and March of 2013.

During this 7-day advance training in USA, Judith Rasband herself trains the students in the art of everyday dressing, clustering and fashion styling, in addition to enabling exposure to international image consultants, thereby expanding the horizons of students. As Nicola Bhardwaj, a graduate of the programme says, “This is positively the soul of our program.” In Devanshi Gandhi’s words, “This advance training was definitely an eye opener.”



Image Consulting Partner Workshop – New Delhi




ICBI has been conducting workshops on image management, called the ICP Workshops, aimed at familiarizing future image consultants with the art and science of image management. The latest in the series was conducted in New Delhi on 9th September 2012, making it the fourth city so far.

Certified image consultants, Renu Mehra, Shreya Dhingra and Mona Motwani conducted the sessions of the workshop. The modules they covered were Communication through Clothes, Style Scale, Body Shape Analysis, Body Language, Etiquette, Grooming and Make-up.

The highlight of the workshop has been the session related to body shape analysis which was complete with demonstrations based on the four levels of the Style Scale. The Style Scale is a scientific method to ensure that one is dressed in the appropriate clothing for various occasions and hence is a critical part of image management. The session was enjoyed by all and proved to be of high learning value.

Importance of Networking in Business Success – Workshop for Image Consulting Partners

IMPA, the Image Management Professional Association, has conducted a workshop for the image consulting partners who have graduated from ICBI. Forty alumni across different batches of ICPP (Image Consulting Partner Program) came together at the Raheja Classic on 6th September 2012 to enhance their skill sets with the objective of building their consulting business.

The workshop sought to impart an understanding of networking and the nuances involved in physical and virtual networking. The session was delivered by Lira Priyadarsani, Digital Marketing professional with almost two decades of experience in the marketing domain.







Beginning with the basics of networking, the workshop took the alumni through the concept of who you know in addition to what you know. Interesting concepts related to core groups, sympathy groups, groups with which you communicate on a semi-regular basis and groups with whom you carry stable social relationships were shared.

The most interesting concept was that the key to networking is conversations. The class was taken through concepts of why we talk, what we talk about, what it means in the physical and the digital worlds, conversation objectives, social media, its myriad possibilities and the way to work with each social media platform, websites, use of analytics and blogs among others. More importantly, the class learnt the importance of strategising and planning to ensure a steady rate of interesting conversations that can lead to larger audience, referrals and expanding business.

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