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World Image Day – 7th December

“Right or wrong, the way a person looks is the only yardstick you have for measuring people who want your trust even though you don’t know them very well.”

-Ema Bombeck

On World Image Day, let’s take a pledge to make our Image work FOR us and not against us.

A few quick tips to manage your Image;

  1. Create a contrast in your clothes with light/bright color on the upper half and darker color on the lower half
  2. Avoid more than one bold pattern in your garments
  3. Select clothes that compliment your body shape
  4. The color of your clothes must compliment your skin and personality
  5. Select accessories as per your face shape and physical characteristics in mind
  6. Do not wear very bold patterns if you are a small frame person, the size of the patterns should be in proportion to your body size.
  7. Have one dominant focal point in your clothes, which should usually be close to the face. Rest subordinate.
  8. To flatter your look, become a part of the color scheme by taking your clothing colors up and close to your face or by bringing the color of your eye, hair, skin, or lips in your clothes.
  9. To appear tall, make sure your footwear is of the same color as the bottom for a continuous eye movement. Similarly to cut the height, you must wear different color footwear to cut the height.
  10. To camouflage body variations, try asymmetrical (uneven) styles. They also make you appear interesting and unusual.
  11. If you are heavy, try open necklines and medium weight textures.
  12. If you have large protruding teeth, avoid dark lipsticks, they make the teeth appear prominent. Instead wear neutral/subtle colors.
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