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Image meltdown with casualization

Long back while studying at Boston University, one of my professors, Rahbar sir, narrated this incident. He said that once he entered a store and a sales girl wearing torn low hanging jeans, several ear rings and hair with many colours came to him and asked ‘May I help you?’ he looked at her for a couple of seconds and told “I think that you need help.”

This is a phenomenon taking over the entire country and slowly people have forgotten how to look nice. They have started thinking that clothes don’t matter. How sad. We as a country have always aped the west not realizing that in the west people have now started taking notice of the melt down in overall image and have started working towards solving the issue. There are numerous articles and studies which clearly show that with casual dressing the whole attitude becomes casual and then eventually even customers get dealt with casually. Studies have shown as much as 30% decline in productivity on Fridays in many companies advocating the Friday dressing. In fact if you open a dictionary and look at the meaning of the word casual, one of the descriptors is careless. The main issue at hand is that people follow what they see and what they are fed by advertising aimlessly and without logic and do not realize how this can seriously hurt them in the long run. In fact it is really difficult to deal with teens today in terms of convincing them to wear nice clothes. If this trend does not reverse, and image consultants have their work cut out for them trying to do that, soon the society may return back to pre-civilization era.

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