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Discover your Personal Style

While it is important to be appropriate to your roles and goals, and attractive to look at; it is also equally important to project an Image that is the real you and not a version of someone else. Each individual has a personal style based on their values and traits. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personality development, personal style evaluation and then recommendations on presenting an Image that is authentic. In this session, a series of assessments are done to discover your values, traits and preferred clothing choices based on the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. The results are collated with your physical characteristics and your roles, goals and activities. This evaluation would lead to an understanding and evolving of your personal style, the style which you would feel totally comfortable wearing and carrying off with aplomb. The consultant guides the client on how to exhibit specific traits through careful choice of clothing and accessories suitable to your natural values and traits. This helps in creating an authentic Image in personal, professional and social life without losing individuality and comfort and achieving more comfort. Personal style is not about copying the best looks; it is about creating the best looks suited to you, which would be unique to you, and would project the best you.

Benefits/ Take away from the Session:

  • Brings clarity and classifies your physical, personality and clothing traits through sound technical evaluation
  • Awareness of your dominant characteristic and range of personal style enables you to experiment and evolve a distinct & authentic style over a period of time
    • The session assists you in discovering, developing and refining your personal style in clothes which becomes consistent over a period of time
  • Choosing garments and accessories which suit and reflect your inner values and traits, thereby portraying an authentic Image with which you are totally comfortable in any situation
  • Understanding the Yin Yang concept becomes an effective tool for solving Image related problems and in creating an authentic appearance necessary to look credible and reliable to achieve desired results in any situation

Duration: 3 Hours

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