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Accessories have a big role to play when it comes to style and fashion, especially when we talk about handbags, a decently priced handbag can range anywhere from $1500 to anything depending upon how big the brand is….and the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Accessories not only add glamour but give a complete definition to styling. It can add a lot of value to the outfit you wear and the way you carry yourself. Designer labels have brought a new revolution and have been the biggest trend setters not only in clothes but have also played a big role in introducing fashion accessories.

Chick alert has featured an interesting write up on designer handbags based on the famous movie Sex and the City


Designer bags are as vital as breathing for the girls of Sex and the City. Remember the movie?

While this may seem like an extravagant lifestyle only seen on the silver screen, reality does collide with the show. In fact, it was Samantha’s desire for a Hermes Birkin bag that made fans realize that their favorite characters struggle to secure high end designer labels just like everyone else. Sex and the City exposed the $5000 bill and 2 year wait to obtain one of these coveted designer handbags – and even using Lucy Liu as a pseudo-name couldn’t snag the bag for Samantha. Women around the world could relate to having the perfect handbag out of reach but within sight.

Sex and the City has us all drooling over the designer labels; Hermes Birkin, Chanel, Fendi, Nancy Gonzalez, Louis Vuitton, and more grace the screen leaving us in both awe of their beauty and anger of their nearly unattainable status. But we must give credit where credit is due. For as much as the fashionistas of SATC relish their expensive toys, they are occasionally spotted at vintage stores that house no labels. Carrie even wore a “no-label” wedding dress on her big day – although she did balance it with the Dior Gladiators she uses to walk down the aisle.

Accessories such as handbags predominantly look appealing and make an interesting statement, especially when they are well designed and complimenting with the kind of clothes you wear, they add incredible weightage to the attire and the image that you want to portray.

Basically, a handbag is how a woman is presented. It provides the cover for whatever dirty secrets hide inside; the number of a guy you’re not supposed to be seeing, the makeup you pretended you don’t wear because you’re already flawless, and whatever else you wish to hide. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha have it right. Make sure your handbag represents your style and how you want to be seen – even if you have to break the bank to get there….lol.

With 2009 now fast coming to an end, we’re getting closer to the Sex and the City movie sequel, May 28, 2010. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us when it comes to fashion, especially the handbags!

Fashion scenario has changed from what it used to be at one point of time, today everything that you wear and you carry matters in every situation, from clothing to accessories, everything plays a very important role to make an Impression that is positive and everlasting.

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