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This year, fashion has made a revamped comeback and made all the right designs to touch every aspect in order to make a style statement, be it patterns in clothes or fabric. Some of the players have brilliantly contributed in changing the whole outlook of Image and styling by introducing exceptional designs.

Whether it is patterns in fabrics or interiors, there has been enormous awareness about the aesthetic aspect of fashion where people have started realizing that, to be aesthetically correct plays a big role in portraying a positive image. A large number of people have realized this fact and have started acclimatizing to the contemporary lifestyle.

Pattern people is a popular website which gives an insight on latest trends in fashion and interiors. They have some of the most unique designs which can add a lot of aesthetic value to the ambiance and the art of styling.

Say goodbye to the days of the designer poster. New York agency, Hugo & Marie, brings us a new way to support art. The illustrations and collages of a handful of designers are turned into wearable art in the form of 100% silk scarves. Each piece is custom printed using eco-friendly dyes and also features hand finished edges for a luxurious touch.

Pattern and designs today have a lot of significance in the line of clothing and accessories, while selecting patterns in clothes, the kind of patterns you choose to wear directly reflects the kind of Image you want to project in front of others. There are specific patterns that segregate clothing from formal to informal wear, patterns and prints demonstrate your taste and preferences and the way you come across to others in various situations, your personal image and the image of your surroundings.

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