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Sunglasses- Make a choice according to your face shape

sunglasses Trend setters have always made their presence felt in a unique fashion, some have followed the classics while others have been contemporary stylish……… Sunglasses have been in trend for quite some time, they have become much more than just a need during sunny summers. They have largely contributed in applauding the fashion scenario and have also given a new outlook to our Image. Sunglasses should be purchased primarily for the comfort of your eyes from sun. It should protect you from the scorching sun and along with it if you add some style, it can make a perfect combination and can work as a long term accessory. To add to this, it would be even more beneficial if one realizes his/her face shape and chooses sunglasses accordingly. This would help a great deal in enhancing your looks by countering certain facial flaws that you would like to conceal. It also creates an illusion of a more defined structure and adds definition to the face in the most appropriate manner. Recommendations for some of the most common face shapes:

Square face shapes:

This face shape is very angular; it has sharp edges and broad features. This shape needs to appear lengthened and softer. Hence you need to pick up the glares that would soften the face. Since the face is already angular, you would not repeat the same features, instead you would do the opposite, select some softly curved frames or rounded frames. You can also go with oval shapes with more width than depth, draw attention upwards, the basic idea is to widen the eye area so that the face appears less angular and tapers at the bottom. Do not repeat your facial features as too many angular shapes would give a very geometrical appearance.

Oval face shapes:

Perfect face to go with any style and shape, this face shape is very versatile and possess ideal features, however while selecting frames, the idea would be to make the face appear less narrow and highlight the beauty of the face. Sunglasses with round or square shapes are certainly “in” for the oval face. However the ideal sunglasses for this face shape would be the walnut shape, as this would enhance the perfect oval features.

Round face shapes:

People with this face shape would certainly need to be watchful of what they buy and what suits them. These facial features need countering techniques so that the appearance is longer and slimmer. For such face shapes, the ideal sunglasses would be with thicker frames that appear wide at the temples, giving an impression of a broad upper face so that the attention is led upwards creating an illusion of a more defined and an elongated structure. Remember…the wider the frame, narrower will be the appearance of the face. Round face shapes can also experiment with rectangular sleek framed sunglasses. Frames with curves and circular shapes would repeat the facial features and that would not be a good buy; go for shapes that would counter the round features and give an elongated appearance.

Heart shape face:

People with these shapes need to give an elongated look to their face. Putting emphasis on the upper part of the face (eyes) would draw away attention from the sharp jaw area. Frames with straight top line would be strongly recommended. People with heart shaped features should go for aviator sun glasses especially the ones with angular frames; it would help in stabilizing a smaller chin. Square frames that remain within the silhouette of the cheekbones would be a great choice for heart face shapes; you can also look for frames with rounded upper corners to draw attention away from tapered lines of the chin. Process of selecting sunglasses gets simplified when one identifies his/her face shape and make purchases accordingly, this enables them to select a pair of glasses that can counter facial flaws and can highlight the positive features of their face.

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