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Lalit Modi needs Image Consulting

Lalit Modi, the genius behind IPL in 2008, Lalit was responsible for giving a new outlook to the world of Cricket as it was his brain child. A young entrepreneur from a high profile Business family, this 46-year-old style icon is well known for his flamboyant suits and fancy for the high flying celebrity network. However he fails to realize that the suits he dresses in do not project an appropriate image. His tie is always about 4 inches below his belt buckle and the knot of his tie is always slightly loose and hanging. This indicates that he is “casual” with a “care-a-damn” attitude and that he doesn’t bother about what people talk about him.

Dressing communicates a lot about a person, although not directly, it certainly does indirectly. However with the intuitive abilities, people do understand clothing cues and form an impression about a person in their mind. Lalit’s tie intuitively reflects a casual behaviour and arrogance as the knot is loose and does not hold the collar properly. Since it is longer than the usual length, it is distracting. Off late, Lalit Modi has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Lalit has also been accused of being arrogant and has rubbed people the wrong way. This is exactly what his style of clothing communicates…..“Arrogance”. lalit modi2 Often people are confused with what they are and how they come across, it is highly unfortunate for people to be perceived differently especially if they are not as what they come across, and to some extent even Lalit Modi could be the victim of this conflict.

For projecting an attractive, authentic, and appropriate professional Image, Lalit Modi can go with darker duller matched suits with firm fabrics. He should wear a tie along with his suit which has an appropriate knot and ends at the belt buckle, this would make him look authoritative and in control Similarly because of the lifestyle he maintains, he also needs to come across as someone who can make people feel comfortable, for this he should wear unmatched suits so that he comes across as an approachable and a friendly person. lalit modi3 Lalit Modi should hire an Image Consultant to work with his attire and body language; this would benefit him to a great extent and help him achieve credibility and success if he moves in a positive direction.

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