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Types of Bags for Women

After shoes, bags are definitely the most sought accessory women want to own. With this demand, there are so many options available in the market nowadays, that it tends to get a little confusion between the different options for the types of bags for women.

Here are a few of the most popular options of bags available:



Types of Bags for Women: Crossbody Womens Bag These bags are meant to be worn across the body to allow you be hands-free while on the go. If you expect to have your hands full on a certain day, you need one of these. These bags are best for everyday casual use.

  Tote Bag

 Types of Bags for Women 1: Tote Bag - Womens Bag

Large, double handled bag with an open top and open main compartment. This is the bag you need to take with you to work. Buy a large one if you have to carry tablets and laptops and files and papers. Buy a medium-sized one if you’ve got your basic cell, makeup, magazine stash, etc. Best to buy these bags in neutral colors, so you can carry it with most outfits.


 Types of Bags for Ladies: Clutch - Womens Bag A clutch is a small handheld bag that is tucked under the arm or carried by hand. It can either be used during the day or at night, depending on the occasion.

During the day, you can carry it if you’re stepping out for a short period of time and don’t have too many things to carry, and you don’t want to carry a big handbag. It can be used to carry just your essentials: money, keys, cards, etc.

For the evening/night, it’s perfect to match your elegant outfit. It adds a lot of glam if you opt for a sequined/bejeweled clutch. These types of bags for women are basically small purses meant strictly for formal wears.

  The hobo bag

Types of Bags for Ladies: The hobo bag - Womens Bag Hobo bags are basically half moon shaped bags with a medium length shoulder strap. A hobo bag is definitely a casual bag that helps you look stylish without really trying. . Think of a picnic or a jazz concert in the park and your hobo bag will be your perfect handbag of choice. They are highly popular among youth girls.


 Types of Bags for Women: Satchel - Womens Bag

A purse that usually has a top closure, top carry handle, and a flat bottom. Satchels may have a triangular side profile. Satchel bags have a long strap that is worn slung across one shoulder. These types of bags for ladies are highly popular among college going girls.
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