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Wrist Watches..the new trend setters in the line of accessories

Today big luxury brands produce various masterpieces. People that buy such masterpieces in huge quantities are from Show Business. Top celebrities enjoy having it on their wrist, looking nice, covered in diamond ornamentation. Wrist watches have become trend setters and the companies are at the top with success peaking beyond the sky. However it seems that there is still more to come.

Wrist watch companies have started creating models that have already become well-known among various celebrities, thanks to the watches’ exclusive design, features, and beauty.

Today companies like Cartier, Pathek Philippe, Chopard, TAG Heuer replica etc. are famous for their precision timekeeping movement and complicated mechanisms.

Wrist fashion has some of the latest and unique brands in the line of wrist watches. It gives the complete insight on the updates regarding the latest fashion and trends in this line.

Wrist Fashion is a Weblog that publishes the latest news, trends, and products from the suite watch Industry in bite size morsels.

Back in 2008 Scott Wilson, the designer behind the Nike Presto watches gave a presentation at the Hong Kong watch and Clock fair where he showcased his work and also revealed that he was developing his own line of luxury watches under his agency name, MNML. This was before the recession hit.

Cut to late 2009 and he is launching (To be accurate, he’s co-founding) Uncommon, an on-demand fashion brand that allows consumers to print custom graphics (whether its your own design or from another artists from their artist gallery) on to any customizable accessory. This includes ipod cases, iphones and in the future, macbook cases and Yes, WATCHES – Fashion watches that allow consumers to easily upload their own design and order a custom edition for their own personal use or to make their design available for a 5% royalty fee on each design sold.

Some people are of an opinion that only watches brands with long history produce really splendid watches of superior quality. This is not true. There are young brands that in spite of their short history manage to astonish by their wide range of fantastic watches. There are expensive looking watches available at affordable price. A lot of famous companies that manufacture timepieces follow the strict rules and standards of Swiss watch industry.

Today they are the spirit of modernity but they will become the standard of the future.

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