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Suman Agarwal – Image Expert

Suman Agarwal – Image Expert

Suman AgarwalImage Management Queries

Q) If I want to manage my image well, what factors I need to consider?
A) You need to first evaluate your lifestyle including your roles and goals and where you want to be in few years in your personal, professional and social life. Then you need to ensure that you project an image at all times which is appropriate to your roles and goals, incorporates your personal style, is attractive and affordable.

Q) Does clothing make a huge difference in achieving my goals?
A) Absolutely. Clothes have a language. It is not about wearing nice or beautiful clothes but it is about what message you want to communicate. In any meeting you need to first ask yourself as to what you want to come across and what kind of clothes work for you and why, only then you can decide what to wear based on the communication that you want to create.

Q) I am overweight and have really struggled to lose weight with not much success. I always have complexes about the same. Is there any hope for me?
A) Absolutely. Image Management teaches the art of countering and reinforcing wherein you can counter your body type and variations with clothing solutions. Every garment has five design elements- line, shape, color, texture and pattern. Each element can be used to counter or enhance a particular body shape and variation to project an attractive image.

Q) I have to attend an important meeting next week. I wanted to know that what I should wear.
A) The complete answer to this can only be given once all details are known about you. However, remember, in any important meeting your basic aim is to hold attention of the other person up (close to your face) so that they can concentrate on what you say. Basic human nature dictates that the attention goes to the contrast and mostly to light / bright colors. Create a contrast close to your face to hold attention. Men can do it with tie and women can do it with makeup, dressing and accessory. Also don’t wear a lighter color bottom piece of the garment as that leads attention downwards. You must have a lighter color in the upper garment and then create a contrast close to the face.

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