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Going under the knife

Effects of Plastic SurgeryWith each passing day, the media portrays images of women that are impossible to achieve. Skinny, Clearer skin, Sharper nose, High cheekbones and the list goes on. These images been splashed on our TV screens, phones, newspaper, magazines, hoardings, and everywhere we look. These standards are so high and impossible that it makes one question and doubt their looks, therefore, causing one to have a low self-image. To be able to achieve these ‘perfect’ looks women over the past few years have chosen to go under the knife, sometimes spending obscene amounts of money.

Plastic surgery seems to be a booming business and a normal thing nowadays. This trend has far from positive effects on society and individuals. The sudden positive boost in the self-image in most cases is short lived, as low self-image has already seeped into the individual’s mind, which has long-term effects of depression and anxiety. Most people have unrealistic expectations of the outcomes of the procedure and further slip deeper into the abyss of depression if their expectations are not met. There have been cases where people want to get more surgeries done after the first procedure and this becomes an obsession, which eventually leads to financial loss and them being constantly unhappy with their looks no matter how many procedures they undergo.  The list of physical health risks that come with plastic surgery is not small either. Some short-term and long-term effects are nausea, vomiting, headaches, inflammation of the area the procedure was conducted, etc. Plastic surgery procedures are definitely not cheap and burn a hole in your pocket.  All these effects finally take a toll on their relationships, family life, work, etc.

Don’t be unhappy by all that the media throws at us, none of us are perfect. We all have body variations. These variations should not be the reason for low self-image and it surely shouldn’t be a reason to make permanent changes to your body through plastic surgery. Learn to accept these variations and work on them with appropriate Image Management.

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