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Services provided by Image Consultants

Image Consulting is the profession of helping people manage their image to have a more rewarding personal, professional, and social life. It deals with guiding clients on optimum utilization of their personal resources like wardrobe, grooming practices, behavioural skills, and communication in order to achieve their goals in every role that they play in life.

An Image Consultant offers various services to different clients suiting their budget, goals, and willingness to commit to a certain amount of time. These services include the following.

Individual Coaching: An individual coaching session may have the following stages to provide a comprehensive solution.

  • Client Information Record: All the details regarding the client is captured to get information about demographics, contact details, climatic conditions, client’s life style, personal style, work environment, and awareness of image related concepts.
  • Based on this information the consultant then takes the client through various clinics to get into each and every element of image. These clinics may include some or all of the following:-
    • Body and Face shape evaluation
    • Personal Style evaluation
    • Colour analysis to identify personal colourations
    • Wardrobe evaluation
    • Make Up and Grooming clinic
    • Etiquettes and Body Language clinic
    • Weight Management clinic

Based on all the evaluation the client is advised on various elements to project an authentic, appropriate, attractive, and affordable image.

The Image Consultant then may also offer the services of personal shopping to help their client buy the right clothes or accessories.

Group Coaching: An Image Consultant may offer group caching solution in terms of a workshop to make people aware on the concepts of image management. These may be two or three day’s workshops with 10 to 15 clients.

Personalized Workshop: This may be the personalized version of group coaching wherein the client is given pointers based on individual characteristics.

Individual Clinic: An Image Consultant may also offer any one or more of the clinics from the above list separately to clients, based on their need.

Corporate Solutions: An Image Consultant may also offer image consulting services to companies. This could be either on a retainer or assignment basis. The services offered may include training of employees, handling the company image, designing or advising on dress code policy, stationary or even the outlook of front office etc.

Retailer Solutions: An Image Consultant may offer its services to garment retail stores to help buyers buy appropriate clothes by giving a quick image evaluation to buyers on certain promotional days or through any other such arrangement.

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