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Blushers and Skin Type

Powder blush, cream blush, gel blush, tint blush, shimmers, there are plenty of blush types to choose from, depending on your skin type and the look you want.

Powder Blush

Most skin types can use powder blush, but it is particularly suited for oily skin and when you look for long-lasting colour. Powder blushes are also right for the summers. But, when you have dry or older skin and still want to use a powder blush, you need to take care that it doesn’t settle into the lines. In such cases, apply the moisturizer, a moisturizer primer over that, liquid foundation atop and then a light brush of powder blush. Apply it with a fan brush to apply just the right amount of colour. Since powder blushes are dense, you need to be careful not to apply too much. An example is Clinique Powder Blush.

Cream Blush

For dry or older skin, apply the cream blush. Although as dense as powder blush, it still lets your skin show through, giving you a natural glow. Use it sparingly since it is a dense blush. Apply it on the skin directly or over foundation, it works well either way. Pick the method that suits you best. The best way to apply it is with your fingers. Cream blushes work well during the dry winter months too. An example is NYX Cream Rouge Blush.

Gel or Mousse Blush

Gel blushes give you a sheer look and work best with oily to normal skin. They dry fast, hence are difficult to apply on dry skin. But if you choose the right shade for your skin, they look more natural than any other. They give a soft, fresh look to the face. Apply these with your fingers. Some of them are water-resistant, hence apply with care. The only ways of removing them are generally with soap and water or a blush remover. So it is a long process if you get it wrong the first time.  An example is Maybelline Dream Touch Blush.

Tint Blush

They light up your skin, but since they set as fast as a gel blush, they too are difficult to apply on dry skin. Further, if you get them wrong, the only way out is to wash them off before you start all over again. They can give a streaky look when applied over foundation, so they look best when you apply fast and blend them well. An example is No7 Tint Cream Blush.


Shimmers are right for a night-time glow on your cheekbones. You can apply them on the collarbones too. Dust them very light on the skin. Avoid using them on dry or wrinkled spots, they merely highlight these. For this reason, older women are advised to avoid them. Shimmers look good on younger women.  An example is Lakme’s Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer.

Finally, when it comes to the shade of the blush, choose the light shades of pink or coral for light skin tones and the dark shade of wine for darker tones. Daytime blush must be light, reserving the heavier shades for the evenings. Complementing it with the shade of your lipstick is a good idea.

Choose your blush with care, work with the shop assistant to get the right shade and practice before you wear it on your day or evening out.

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