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Tips for getting that promotion

  1. You need to communicate what you want to be seen as
    First of all try to understand the message you need to send across to people in the company if you got promoted. This is the message for your new role and not the existing one. For Example: Authoritative, stable, credible, reliable, official, persuasive, accessible, approachable, influential, capable.
  2. Needs to understand what you have been communicating so far
    Now depending upon the communication that you need to send across in your new desired role, ask colleagues and friends around if they perceive you like this. In most cases you will find that there will be gaps. Identify these gaps and list them.
  3. Understand the gaps: and bridge them
    Once you have the gaps listed try to identify how to bridge them. If you feel that you need professional help look for an Image Consultant to guide you.
  4. Seeing is believing
    Remember, 80% of any communication is visual, so work on your visual communication to create the message needed for the role you are aiming at. Many have discounted the powers of visual cues and have suffered.
  5. You are what you wear
    Check the level of your dressing. As per clothing cues each of the 4 levels of dressing communicates different messages to people around. For Example: A level three dress which is defined as a third layer in terms of a jacket, coat etc communicates a message of being accessible, capable and influential, receptive and consistent etc.
  6. Mind your Ps and Qs
    Check your knowledge of corporate etiquette specially dining etiquette. Statistics reveal that you require 15% technical skills and 85% social, business and dining etiquette to advance in your career. The more senior you get, the more effective you need to be in making an impact- Russell Parera, CEO, KPMG, India
  7. Actions Speak Louder than words
    Be conscious of your body language. Is your body language in sync with what you say? If you have women bosses remember: When words and body language are not in sync, women ignore what is said.
  8. The Replacement
    Be genuinely interested in developing your subordinates. Remember, if you cannot be replaced you cannot be promoted.
  9. Just in case you don’t get promoted
    For some reason if you do not get promoted, remember: according to management Gurus, it is always said that to create horses for long races it is important at times not to promote the most deserving candidates just to see how they behave. So even if you don’t get promoted this time around maybe there are bigger things in store and you are just getting tested for your strength and mettle.
  10. When the Big news comes in
    And if you do get promoted start from point no 1 all over again for the next role you are aiming at and well, Congratulations.

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