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Tips for Attending Interviews

tips for attending interviewsIf you believe that it is only your qualification and experience that would do wonders in getting you the right job, then you are highly mistaken, you would be shocked to know that the recruitment/ HR professionals today are struggling to meet the right profile for the existing openings, according to them, they decide within first few seconds whether you have made it or not, which clearly means that the decision is taken even before you answer your first question……surprised?

Yes, the fact is that despite being highly qualified for a particular role, you fail to create a positive First Impression on others. The first few seconds are enough to analyze your behavioural traits and emotional level which talks a lot about what kind of a person you are and how you are likely to behave in future.

Many capable people (Men and women) are disqualified from job opportunities because they simply do not look the part; however they lack the sense of realization, the reasons for which they were not hired for the desired role. People are affected by your appearance whether or not they realize it, and whether or not they think appearance is important.

Your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your:

  • Ability
  • Honesty
  • Intelligence
  • Suitability for a job or a promotion

Your First impression influences people’s behaviour towards you, including:

  • Offering you a job
  • Paying you a certain amount of salary
  • Trusting you with information

Tips for Attending Interviews

Here are some instant tips for attending interviews, which would help you in creating a positive First Impression during a job interview

Correct Attire:

The candidate’s attire is an access to his personality; it reflects whether he/she is precise, efficient, accurate, and someone who has taken an initiative to look presentable for a particular job.

  • Dressing right also signifies that you have done a good research about the company, for e.g. what is the dress code, whether a business suit or semi formal clothes should be worn to suit the company’s dress code requirement.
  • If a company’s nature of job is different, e.g. movie production, media etc, then it is highly recommended to keep in mind and dress accordingly, adaptability is very essential in such situations.
  • Whatever attire you choose to wear, it should be comfortable, it should not make you feel awkward and distracted ,the colours that you choose should be subtle and not eye catching, for ladies it would be advisable to wear natural makeup and sober accessories, preferably pearls which would look dignified and professional.
  • Your appearance strongly influences others’ perception of your attitude and suitability for the job that you have applied for, it would indicate reliability, cleverness, and authority.

Gestures :

The minute you enter a job interview room, your evaluation begins , every action of yours is viewed microscopically; how you walk, your expressions, the way you hold your resume, your comfort level, and what all do you carry along with you.

  • Delivering a proper handshake can make or break your first impression on a person. A handshake that’s too shamble or weak can convey lack of self-confidence, while one that’s too strong or crushing can convey resistance.
  • A well-executed handshake is one that conveys self-confidence, trust, and a genuine interest to your interviewers.
  • Handshake may be inapt when there is a large table between you and the interviewers. Again, simply smile, nod, and verbally acknowledge the greeting or introduction.
  • You must ensure that you maintain a good eye contact during a handshake.
  • Please make sure that you do not sit until you are advised to do so, please wait till someone tells you to take a seat, if not, please seek permission before sitting.
  • Ensure that you have pleasant facial expressions, wear a genuine smile and maintain a good eye contact with all (if more than one) panel members while answering questions; it shows belief in one self and respect for the other person.

Your Resume speaks for you:

Preparing a Resume is a crucial exercise. People are always confused about this. Writing a great resume does not necessarily mean you should follow other’s opinion. It does not necessarily have to be just one page in length or follow a specific pattern. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing statement. It should be suitable to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do. People often overlook the need for creating a good, professional Resume; they fail to realize that the Resume is a brochure of their accomplishments, whether it is academic or professional or maybe both. Sometime it is abused to such an extent that it is handed over literally in pieces, this indicates that you have a care-a-damn attitude and you just don’t bother whether you get selected or not, or you came for an interview to pass your time. It is also often observed that people bring faded photo copies of their Resume, it reflects lack of effort, laid back attitude, and lack of seriousness.

  • Your resume should be phrased correctly
  • Use key words without repetition, e.g. for a creative person it could be Brand development, Public relations etc
  • Begin phrases with an action verb e.g. Designed, Created, Accelerated etc
  • Bullet your accomplishments
  • Incorporate technical proficiencies

An ideal Resume gives complete details about your academic and professional qualifications starting from present to past and also give some relevant personal and family details. It should be a crisp fresh print out in black ink on good quality white A-4 size sheets (if two or more sheets, then well stapled), and is carried in a neat transparent plastic folder

If you are advised to carry your passport size photographs:

  • Make sure they are clicked in a formal dress code
  • They are in proper condition
  • They are your recent pictures
  • Avoid colourful backgrounds as they appear casual, preferably have a white background

Creating a First Impression during a job interview

To have a safe beginning, other than having a good subject knowledge you must ensure:

a) You are well dressed, confident, and presentable

b) You must switch off your cell phone and keep it in your bag before entering the room

c) You are comfortable in what you wear

d) You are subtle with your make up and accessories and look professional

e) You should be yourself, don’t try to project a false image, it gets caught easily

f) You have a good posture

g) You maintain positive gestures

h) You handle your Resume professionally

i) You wear a genuine smile

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