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You have got potential

Have you ever gone to pick someone up from railway station? You must have. The scene is always almost the same. Crowd filled platform, hawkers yelling, pandemonium of people walking from here and there, porters running around. Suddenly it seems that the train is about to come and everyone’s eyes start looking towards the direction from where the train is suppose to come. Then the train enters the platform and slowly comes to a halt. Hundreds of people start getting down and some of them look for porters, some move towards people waiting for them and some move towards the exit.

In that moment, seconds before you see the person you have come to receive, a train of thoughts rush through your mind. You start thinking about the person whom you have come to receive, your relationship with him or her, what is the first thing you will say once you see him or her etc. These thoughts just flash through your mind in that split second and then you see the person and move forward and greet him or her. This is a phenomenon which happens thousands of times every day across the country.

Now consider this: A senior executive working in a multinational company and an office boy working in a small company go to receive someone from the railway station. The same thing happens with both of them.

Conclusion: Both of their brains are capable of procession the same amount of information in the same amount of time. Then why is there so much of difference in their status and their earnings. Is it because one’s brain is more powerful or capable than the other? NO.

It is all about conditioning and determination. We are all a product of our environment and surroundings. We often surrender to the circumstances. How many times have you used or heard the phrase: “Well, under the circumstances that was the thing to do”? Successful people in life are always over the circumstances and not under them.

God has made every human being with same intent and gave the same powers to all of them. Every single one of us possesses the powers within us to go out there and achieve great success. Everyone has tremendous potential but what generally happens in most cases is that people are born with huge potential, they have huge potential in young age, in middle age, old age and then sadly they die with that reservoir of potential. It never gets used or executed to achieve results. So we need to recognize our potential, overcome the deep rooted conditioning which has made us believe that we can’t do this or that and realize that we can do anything as long as we believe that we can do it.

My daughter Poorva Agarwal wrote something long back and I am reproducing it here as the message for a successful life.


Of course, you CAN! Anybody can… everybody can… so too, you can. But the question is Will you?

Will you take all that you are to become all that you can be?

Will you get yourself to need what you want?

Will you train your body to work till your mind gets exhausted?

Will you train your mind not to tire?

Will you live for the moment and do as it demands you to?

Will you listen to life and follow what it is telling you?

Will you settle for nothing but the best and rest only after you have achieved it?

Will you commit yourself to success?

Will you follow the rules you made for yourself long time back?

Will you rise to the standards you set for yourself?

Will you compete with yourself?

Will you focus on what you are doing like it is the only thing you know?

Will you move from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm and master what you were trying to do?

Will you see different horizons living under the same sky as everybody else?

Will you trust yourself to work wonders?

Will you trust others to trust you?

Will you believe and make sure you will??

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