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The Three Faces of Kajol

If there’s one actress who has always been herself, it is Kajol. Yet, her look has evolved over time. She entered with the unibrow look, moved on to a cleaner look and then to the diva style.

Face I

Kajol had entered the film world with her famous unibrow and powerhouse performances. It seemed all acting and little focus on style. Her devil-may-care attitude in terms of her looks marked her in people’s minds as much as her acting did.


Face II

The second was when she cleaned up her image to look casual. She seemed to say – This is what I am. I am casual. I am comfortable.


Face III

The third and current one involves a complete change in her look. There is careful attention to her hair, clothes, accessories all of which brings about the classy style and the building of a brand. She says, “If you want to build yourself as a brand, then you have to work on it and this was a conscious decision on my part. I had to change my attitude towards certain things. With time and patience I want to do it.”  She thanks Karan Johar for her newfound attention to style


That’s Kajol – always herself – carefree, casual or classy.

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