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Excerpts of the International Segment- from Nicola’s Diary

22nd April, 2011

Day 2

Breakfast at the Champagne French Bakery Cafe before heading to DisneyLand

Welcome to Disneyland

At the California Adventure Park

Calm before the storm

Boarded the shuttle and right on time for a 9am Breakfast at the Champagne French Bakery. The smell of hot freshly baked bread can be a sensory feast in itself. Stuffed to capacity, we were literally rolled over and loaded into the shuttle which drives into DISNEYLAND. When I thought ‘fun day’ before going to bed…. Disney was not what I imagined. This was an absolute dream come true for us all. Suddenly everyone was in the fun mood. Flaunting our ‘First Time At Disneyland’ badges all including Judith did every adventure ride that was listed and it was heady.

Bracing up for the tide ahead

Waiting our turn to Grizzly River Raft

Drenched & thrilled to be so

In an effort to save her hair

Judith ready for the rollercoaster

Walking through a tree trunk

The Grizzly River Rafting got us drenched and hysterical with laughter, Soaring over California left us spellbound, the Live Musical – Aladin left us enchanted and the House of Horror shook us to the core but what stole our thunder was the Roller-a-Coaster ride. From Judith to Devanshi all of us were dazed and struggling to find our sense of balance once off. Thought going through my mind …‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’

3pm and we’re rushing to find the shuttle. Need to reach the airport, flying to Salt Lake City for our 2nd leg with Judith Rasband on Fashion Styling. Not off the Roller-a-Coaster yet .. enjoying the ride.

7:30pm: Touchdown in Saltlake City airport.

It cold outside, colder than it was back in LA for sure. Judith & her husband Neil sweetly help us with our luggage to a cozy little place called the Marriott Inn. It was one of the nicest rooms we’ve stayed in. Delighted to find a gas stove, plates, pots and pans we immediately soup up some desi 2 Minute Maggie Noodles. Served hot with desi theplas and pickled chillies… satisfaction guaranteed.

The Cozy Marriot at Utah
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