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IMPA – Clothes for Smile Activity

A single pair of clothing item can mean the world to some. Clothes are not just materials made from threads, they are also a mean to connect, protect, express yourself or simply a source of happiness. It’s a basic need for humanity. But the very fact that some are denied this basic need because they are underprivileged sounds too disturbing to be true. We change jobs or even change careers. We gain some weight or lose some weight. Our complexion changes, as does our hair color. Our color preferences and tastes change as well.

Eventually, you’re going to end up with clothing that you don’t wear. Instead of throwing them out or selling, consider donating them.

With all these random thoughts in our mind, we decide to use this cause as a mode of creating hope. Clothes For Smile initiative, was a result of that noble thought.

With the festive season lingering around, Image Consulting Business Institute launched this initiative under IMPA (image Management Professional’s Associtaion) with the aim of spreading happiness to the under privileged through clothes. Needless to say that the initiative was a huge success and clothes came in abundance. Participation was recorded at all our centers namely Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Baroda, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore.

Volunteers who wished to donate were instructed that clothes must be in good condition otherwise they will be returned to the donor after the mandatory quality check. Such was the enthusiasm and willingness to spread a smile that some of the clothes were as good as new. The clothes were then handed over to various NGOs for better distribution and to make sure that they reached the economically challenged strata’s of the society.

Such an initiative should be encouraged by everyone on the personal level. One question that frequently arises in the mind of perspective donors is, which clothes should they donate? The answer is as simple as the question, here is a look.

You should donate when,

  1. You no longer love it: This is the best reason to get rid of clothes and shoes. Closets are typically small spaces in our homes so maximizing space is important. If you don’t love something, there’s really no reason to give up space to it in your wardrobe.
  2. It’s out of fashion: If you have bought something trendy that you cannot see yourself into now, it’s time to toss or donate. Get rid of clothes while they are still in a good shape.
  3. It hasn’t fit for over a year: Our bodies are quite obviously alive, and will react to new environments, changes in our routine and major shifts in diet, hormones, etc. This is all by way of saying that even if something fits perfectly at some point, there are a lot of outside factors working against it fitting forever.
  4. You no longer wear it: This one is pretty obvious, but what if you’re just not sure if you’ll wear it again? Sometimes, even if all the criteria to keep a garment are met, you should let it go. Maybe you wore it too much at one point — no matter, someone else will love it as much as you did. Pay it forward by donating.
  5. It no longer projects the image you want to: Let’s say you used to be a corporate type but have decided to pursue a career as a DJ. You get it, don’t you?
  6. It becomes a wardrobe orphan: and leaves you with guilt as soon as you open your wardrobe, a clothing piece with no wearer.

This festive season let go of such clothes and help spread a smile, you will love it, we did.

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Ahmedabad Delhi
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Gurgaon Mumbai
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