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Looking Stylish At Workplace

When it comes to office dressing, admit it, most of us like to stick to the basics and don’t experiment much. Following a routine is safe, effortless and quick. But since we spend approximately 5 days of a week and almost 8 hours every day shouldn’t we add some pizzazz to our ensemble?

India has witnessed significant rise of employment in corporate sectors and IT companies. Employees are opting for formal wear as it gives them a serious and professional image. In case of meetings with top executives or clients, the Gen next wants to be taken seriously, at par with their senior counterparts. Especially in metros the trend is clearly evident.

In the last few years, the growth rate of formals has surpassed the growth of casual segment. As per various industry studies, the category is growing at an average 15% as compared to 8-10% growth in the casual category.

Five to six years back the idea of men’s formal wear was restricted to sober colors, stiff collar and minimalist designs.

Women’s formals were primarily confined to monochromatic colour palette or at the most sober solid colours, stripes in shirts and trousers.

However, with India’s fashion scene evolving at a higher pace, the boring formal wear has undergone a sea of changes to become youthful, chic and more stylish.

In people’s perception Formal wear is always dull, boring and conservative. With globalization, the world has become a single platform it is imperative to change our thinking and pre-set idealogies.

Scroll down to see some of our suggestions and hope you get inspired

 A simple outfit just needs the right accessories to glam it up A dash of some colour and some stripes! Classic style that works throughout the year
Scarves – The perfect winter accessory…
can transform the look of any outfit!
Team up colourful boots and jacket to your routine formal work wear
 Dazzle and shine on with some metallic and bling Right colours with perfectly tailored pants for that stylish edge
Tan blazer with a denim shirt is perfect for the season So classic with a difference. Pair a blazer with flannel button up combo.
Waistcoats should be part of your ensemble if you are considering adding a style statement to your regular formal wear. If you want to stretch the limit of boldness with this outfit, choose a bold coloured waistcoat and trousers teamed with a subtle shirt.
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