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Usha Uthup sings – Image Banani Hai

Projecting the right image is an important factor in reaching your goals in life. This is a fact recognized by all.

Trouble is that this recognition is at a sub-conscious level and hence, although each of us constantly projects an image at any given point in time, we are not conscious of the kind of image we project. It has become an instinctive phenomenon and hence, while a few things go right, others go wrong, leaving us with sub-optimal results and keeps us wondering where we are going wrong and why we aren’t achieving the success and happiness that we could.

At the Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), our constant attempt has been to bring image management to the conscious layer so that each of you recognizes its need and makes the conscious effort to project the right image to suit the occasion and attain your goals in life.

But, how do we take this message to the multitude that needs it? That was the question on our mind.

We came to the conclusion that music speaks the language that reaches deep down into your sub-conscious and brings it up to the conscious layer where you can no longer ignore it.

Hence, we produced the song – Image Banani Hai – sung in the unique voice of Usha Uthup, sending an evocative message about the need for image management. With her powerful voice and impeccable image, Usha Uthup has been the perfect choice for this song on image management.

With a striking tune that catches your imagination, lyrics that convey the right message and a powerful voice that compels you to listen to the music, Image Banani Hai drives home the memorable message of the importance of projecting the right image for success. It reels you in and keeps you hooked until the message is internalized.

In doing so, it becomes the catalyst that raises the message from the sub-conscious to the conscious layer, stimulating you to take a conscious look at the image you project. This in turn helps you go deep into the need, timing, extent and message of image management.

By achieving this, it helps you project the right image in all spheres of life, business, social, personal, virtual, public lives so that you achieve your goals and maximize your success and happiness in life.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed the process of creating it.

Wishing you the best image that you could project! And all success in life!


Listen to the song and enjoy and share

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