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Neon colors

Neon Colors - ICBIThe trend that has been in VOGUE for some time now is neon colors. Many people hesitate to wear these bright colors thinking it may look odd or they may feel out of place. If worn correctly and for the right occasion these colors can definitely get you the right sort of attention. Here are some things to keep in mind while wearing neon colors.

If you’re a first-time neon color wearer, start off with something small and simple. A pair of neon earrings or a neon color necklace. The compliments you receive will give you the confidence to wear more neon colors.

If you’re wearing a neon colored dress or outfit, it’s best to pair it with neutral color shoes and accessories. Or you could combine neon color accessories and shoes with neutral colors, such as black or white. This will give your entire look a pop of bright colors/color.  It will add flair to your entire look.

Neon colors can be mixed, as with all other colors. Do keep in mind, which color goes well with which. Avoid going over the top with too many colors, or it will definitely make you an eyesore.

Go for those neon colors that you are most comfortable with and you’ll surely have lots of fun with these bright colors.

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