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Selecting The Right Socks

Selecting the right socks - ICBINothing spoils the complete look of a man than a white pair of socks peeping out of his well-fitted trousers. The only thing that could possibly make it worse are white sagging socks.

If white socks are such a big no-no then why make them in the first place? White socks are basically only meant for the gym, sports, or any physical exercise. They are not meant to be worn anywhere else.

So, what sort of socks should a man wear? Simple rule of thumb, a man should wear socks that match the color of his trousers. So, if you’re wearing olive green trousers, you should wear olive green socks. The only exception applies to denims, where dark blue or black socks would be preferable. The flow of eye movement from the trousers to the socks needs to be smooth, and attention shouldn’t be drawn to the socks. What about patterns, you ask? Patterned socks are good too, as long as the pattern includes the color of the trousers as well. Patterned socks definitely add some interest and character to a wearer’s look.

Few more things to keep in mind with socks:

  • Ensure that you replenish socks every few months, as sagging socks look shabby and untidy.NL-Aug3-Socks3
  • While choosing socks to buy, it’s preferable to go with wool socks rather than cotton socks, because they’re of better quality and give greater comfort to one’s feet. Contrary to what most people think, wool is not meant only for winters, but they work well in summer too. Wool socks keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • A man should under no circumstance fold or roll his socks, because it looks as shabby as sagging socks.
  • Socks should be worn with shoes, and nothing else. One should avoid wearing them with slippers or sandals.
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