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Recycling Clothes

If we examine our closets carefully, we will notice there are lots of clothes that you may not wear anymore. The reasons for not wearing these clothes could be several – size fluctuation, clothes bought on a whim, clothes gone out of fashion, etc. After identifying these clothes you may be tempted to toss these clothes right into the trash without giving it much thought, or they may continue to occupy space in your closet till you finally decide to throw them away on a later day. Here is a better idea, why not make use of what you have and make something useable out of it? This will save you from a lot of guilt of not using what you have or throwing away almost brand new clothes.

Here are some ways to recycle the following garments:

Suits: Old suits can be used to make a variety of interesting things, such as bags, cushion covers, and jackets. This bag was made from an old suit.


Shirts/T-shirts: Old shirts and T-shirts, especially those belonging to your father or spouse can be cut and redesigned into stylish shirts and t-shirts for yourself. Oversized shirts can be redesigned into a dress. Even old t-shirts can be used to make neckpieces and scarves.

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Jeans: Jeans can be simply cut into a pair of shorts. They can be used to make skirts for yourself or little kids, with an addition of embellishments. You could also make slippers out of old jeans as the fabric is quite strong.

recycle-3 recycle-2

Sweaters: Sweaters can be used to make hats, socks, shoes, bags, mittens, and even dog clothes, as the fabric is warm and long lasting.

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Socks: Old and mismatched socks can best be used to make toys for little kids, such as sock puppets.Ties: Old ties can be used to make bracelets, neckpieces, and even stitched together to make a skirt.


Ties: Old ties can be used to make bracelets, neckpieces, and even stitched together to make a skirt.

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