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Where do Wardrobe Orphans come from?

wardrobe orphanYou know those clothes in your closet that hang about but you never wear? Those are your closet orphans.

Is it a problem if you have closet orphans? Well, if studies in psychology are anything to go by, you are subconsciously affected by the clutter and are going to be frustrated, irritated and confused on days you see these little numbers you bought when you didn’t actually intend to buy them in the first place.

So how do these clothes get into your closet in the first place? Here’s how:


1)      Closet orphans are often part of a larger ensemble. They were part of a set of clothes that are now redundant, torn or tight.

2)      They are part of a style that once existed. More often than not they were part of your wardrobe because of an emotional state of mind that prompted you to buy apparel you didn’t really need. People often don’t even part ways with such apparel because they have a quantum of emotional value.

3)      The item of clothing was so pretty that you had to have them even though they don’t suit your overarching style.

A simple way to deal with closet orphans is to understand why you bought that item? Will something similar work for you if you conduct a try out? Is there something holding you back emotionally? Perhaps it was a gift from a friend who wanted you to try out something different?

The key is to understanding what makes you want to retain that particular item of clothing or completely do away with it.

Another way to deal with closet orphans is to find it some new counterparts. For instance, if you have a stole in a particular color which doesn’t quite do the colors you currently wear to work justice – You can always buy something to accompany it at casual or social dos.

Do you have any effective ways to deal with closet orphans? Do tell us in the comments below.

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