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Dinner Etiquette for School Children

Zohra's Photoshoot at GALLOPSZohra Chitalwala, Director and Founder of Image2Image zo’s Consultation, often came across the statement during her consultations with clients, “I wish we were taught these life skills earlier in life.” Zohra realized it would be good to introduce a program along with Image Makeover with a slightly different module for teenagers and youth.

She was given the opportunity by the Director of D Y Patil International School who approached her to teach Dining Etiquette and Grooming Skills to his school’s children. Along with dining and grooming, Zohra introduced the Good Manners Program, keeping in mind the need to improve classroom environment, promote positive social behaviour and peer interaction while providing positive reinforcement for an improved school climate.

Zohra shares an experience from the training, “While I was teaching formal dining etiquette to the school children in a restaurant, an elderly gentleman approached me and complimented me on the work I was doing. He said and I quote, ‘I have been noticing your methods and the techniques when you were teaching these children, it is fabulous. I wish, when my children were young, we had this kind of training for them which is an extremely important part of their developing years.’ I was extremely touched with his comments. I later came to know that he is a very successful entrepreneur and an eminent person highly respected in the world of Derby.”

 Zohra signs off with an Albert Einstein quote, “Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift not as a hard duty.”

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