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How do Colors affect your Mind?

Picture this world with just 2 colors.

A white signal. Black cars. White Houses. Black Trees.

Yes, it would be a boring world.

Color1But have you ever stopped to think that even with these 2 colors, the human mind would engineer ways to signify? To add meaning.

That they would use shades and nuances of those colors in unending permutations and combinations to label specifically?

The link between one’s mind and color is interesting not because colors are a visualizer or a graphic designer’s tools.

They are interesting because of what the human mind does with colors – Or to word it more aptly, because of what colors do to the human mind!

Can you use color to improve Personal Effectiveness?

At least 8 out of 10 readers already know the answer to that question.

The truth is, everytime you make a decision between a white shirt or a blue one before an important event like a meeting or a formal dinner, you are making a decision with respect to how people are going to perceive you, which in turn determines a favorable or a not so favorable outcome.

 Want to use colors effectively in your dressing?

The Image Consulting Business Institute recommends the following ways you could use color effectively to maximize favorable outcomes – every single time.

  1. Power: To be taken seriously and exude an air of power the classic color to wear is Black. Colors like Black, charcoal, Navy Blue, burgundy are ideal. Although the use of color is subject to other factors like quality of fabric, fit etc. If power and authority is what you’re going for, don’t forget to include these colors to your wardrobe.
  2. Inventiveness and Creativity: Creativity is a matter of experimenting with the brighter side of the color palette. Shades of purple, yellow, shocking pink convey a sense of cheer, inventiveness and a desire to innovate by keeping one’s mind open.
  3. Approachability: If your daily routine and line of work requires you to seem soft, approachable and friendly, it’s ideal to use light shades and their variants. Cool colors like blue, purple, green, beige, light pink etc. are safe choices.

While color psychologists concur that the choice of color in dressing is a matter of Caveat Emptor (A fancier choice of words for ‘Buyer Beware’) the fact is, colors play an extremely significant part in effective dressing and personal branding. It’s the same as luck…’The harder you work, the higher your chances of getting lucky.

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