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3 Lessons to learn from Indian Athletes at CWG 2014

Team India put up a stellar show at CWG 2014. Finishing 5th – the final tally of medals stood at 15 Gold, 30 Silver & 19 Bronze.

Although England finished in top position, India’s victories are being celebrated with great aplomb. As an image consulting professional, here are some lessons you can learn from their success:

1)      Highlight the 1 st – As any Branding Professional worth his salt will tell you, it’s usually always the ‘1st’ that sticks in your head.

A quick test: Who was the 1 st Man on the moon? That’s easy…but, who was the 2nd? Or the 3rd? People have a tendency to forget the runner up in a race.

It’s the very reason new brands are positioned as ‘India’s First’ or the ‘World’s first’ etc. Always the first in a specific category.

With athletes like Parupalli Kashyap winning Gold for the 1st time in 32 years, little wonder why timelines on Social Networks are abuzz with updates on this newfound Wunderkind!

2)    Highlight your Strengths – At the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi, India won a total of 101 medals – Much Higher than this time’s tally.

Finishing at the 2 nd spot at CWG 2010, it was the first time in 52 years, India struck Gold in athletics. Krishna Poonia won Gold in Women’s Discus Throw.

However, what loomed heavy in most newsroom discussions and on Social Media at large was the dismal fiasco of Suresh Kalmadi and company. It was the first time we won more than a 100 medals and it got eclipsed by the news a less than competent organizing committee made.

Journalists milked all they could from this story and CWG 2010 went down in history for all the wrong reasons.

Taking lessons from the past, the Indian Contingent played up its strengths – Prominently highlighting its winners. It is thanks to smart PR that our nation today finds thriving role models in athletes like Abhinav Bindra, Joshna Chinappa and Ashwini Ponappa.

3)     Images say a Lot – When you have been preparing thoroughly to achieve a goal and when you win, ensure that you are candid in your celebration.

Energy is infectious, but conveying that energy correctly is just as important. Images are the simplest and the best way to convey your joy in victory and share how you feel.

Candid Images like the ones below say it all. They have a ‘feel-good’ quality giving your audience more reason to share, interact and talk about you.


CWG 2014-1

CWG 2014-2

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