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Importance of Social Media Image in Today’s Times

Social media has given us a platform not only to interact but also to shape our digital reputation. Going through a colleague’s profile on social networking sites sounds like a normal routine. But it’s a proven fact that we tend to create an image or persona of him/her at the same moment.

With the reach of social media touching new heights, it has become even more important to maintain a good persona online. Agreed, most of the times we all want to express our individuality, but emphasis should be given on the image we are creating.

Social image is increasingly affecting people on personal as well as on the career front. Especially young professionals are quickly judged by the image they create on these platforms.

Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind before engaging online.

  1. Issue a disclaimer: Before sharing your thoughts or views, mention that these are strictly your opinions and not that of your firm.
  2. Build interesting and intelligent content: Do you like to read what you have posted? Your content should actually polished, personalized and properly punctuated. This ensures people are instantly drawn to knowing more about you.
  3. Posting something? Think twice: With unlimited audience on social media, your post can be a raging fire in no time. A post really makes or breaks your image.
  4. Be choosy on adding a friend: trusted people should be in your social network. Accepting co-workers or strangers may result to problems later.
  5. Choose your platforms wisely. Know the USP and functioning of each platform. Don’t be present on a platform you are not comfortable.
  6. Check your privacy settings: if you intend to post something, make sure it reaches only the desired audience. Privacy settings can be hard to understand, but understanding them will help avoid unwanted incidents affecting your image.
  7.  Respond and communicate with brands as well as people. Remember, social media is a two way communication. Also, make sure the images you use are relevant.
  8. Behave consistently on social media. Avoid extensive criticism or hurling abuses.

We feel that these points may help you, do you have more? Tell us!

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