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Possibility Thinking

The word possible has several parallels like likely, practical, probable, feasible, plausible, credible, and practicable; the word possibility denotes opportunity, chance, and occasion.

Possibility thinking is a habit of all highly successful individuals. They do not think about why something cannot be done. They look for chances and opportunities, and move far ahead of others before people even realize what has happened. They are the people who build bridges and tunnels, search land, water, and air for opportunities. They are the movers & shakers of this world.

Thinking possibilities is like thinking about opportunities, chances and occasions.


There is always a way. There is always also a better way.

The human being is a creative creature. It has gone underwater; reached into the sky, orbited in space, transferred images through air via satellite….The human being has very often achieved the ‘Impossible’.

Here is an action plan which will take you on the road to possibility thinking. The plan will show you how you can become all that you are capable of….in nine easy steps.


Decide right now, that for the rest of your life, you are going to live as the greatest possibility thinker in your life. Get famous inside your own mind. Assert every day that you are the greatest possibility thinker in your life.


Substitute the word ‘problem’ with the word ‘situation’. Every time, you encounter a ‘problem’, view it as a ‘situation’. Make this a habit.


List out as many options as you can in every situation. Write them down, don’t attempt to remember.


Every situation which you may feel has never been encountered before or that the situation belongs only to you, has already been encountered before by someone else. Discuss your situation and your options with people whose thinking and judgment, you can rely on. You will be amazed by how much people will help you, when you make them feel important and trusted.


Possibility thinking is like eating bread, one slice, then another, then another. Your situation demands slicing! Resist the temptation to go ‘whole-hog’ into the situation. Take it in steps one at a time. Once you have options listed out and discussed keep on eliminating them one by one what may not be doable.


Step back from your situation. The further away you can get the greater are your chances of getting a broader view. You may not be able in some cases to turn a situation around as you would like to, but the bigger picture may show you that it may not really matter that much. You will in any case achieve a desirable outcome versus a no-outcome situation, when you get too close.


Remember, you are you and the situation is the situation. The moment you totally personalize the situation, you could be punishing yourself and get in a less than ideal situation. Learn to shrug your shoulders and say, “I am doing my best!”


Use your mind. Think, plan, and act. Reactions are about what happened; actions are about what is to happen, your way.


In doing these you could get excellent outcomes from your situations at any stage. Once you get an outcome, stop and get on with other situations affecting you. Do not get over-involved with the situation once you have an outcome as this could result in you ignoring other situations in your life.

CONGRATUALTIONS!! You have just become a Possibility Thinker.

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