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Hair is the most impressive factor of your looks; how you carry them determines how healthy, hygienic, and well maintained you appear, the texture, colour and style, combination of all three factors define healthy hair. Most of us think that that things we practice forever has always been the right way to do things even though we know, we might be wrong e.g. washing hair. After all, we have been washing our hair all our lives. We might be washing our hair the wrong way which would have lead to damaging them without actually knowing it. We must ensure to take care of each and every strand of hair even though they appear thick and healthy, they may still be damaged and weak. What is the correct procedure of washing your hair? 1. Comb the tangles out of the hair before you wet it so the hair would wash easily and the tangles would not worsen. 2. Wet your hair thoroughly under the shower. For best results, you can wet your hair with warm water to open the scale-like cuticles of the hair and wash all the oil and dirt off. You can then rinse your hair with cold water afterwards to close the cuticles and add to the shine of your hair. 3. Rinse your hair properly under the shower to rid it of the leave-on conditioner using gentle strokes of your fingertips. Then, pour a dollop of shampoo on the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, and then apply the shampoo to your scalp. Make sure that you put the shampoo on your scalp and not at the ends of your hair, as the shampoo would dry your hair’s ends and cause it to weaken and split. Also, do not mix your hair all over your head as you shampoo because the hair will get all tangled up. After this, rinse the shampoo off. 4. We should shampoo our hair for a second time. The purpose of the first shampoo is to clean the oil and dirt off; the second shampoo is supposed to let the shampoo treat our hair. So, repeat the process, but let the shampoo sit on for around a couple of minutes. Rinse the hair completely after this. 5. Finally, squeeze excess water out. Be gentle. Do not put undue pressure while pulling and tugging. You may not know it, but hair is more delicate soaked than dry. This requires for some extra precaution. After squeezing your hair, apply a small amount of conditioner. Be sure to touch all the length of your hair, from the hairline, along the nape, and up until the ends. Then cover your hair with a shower cap and let it stay for about ten minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly. You may be spending much on hair care but neglecting the important process of washing your hair. This is a big mistake. Start the habit of proper hair wash now. Off late cosmetic brands have done a lot of research on maintaining healthy hair. Hair colour nowadays is practically a part of everyone’s grooming kit, however to pervert any damage caused due to excess use of these products, there is a new product which was recently launched in the market by Technician Colour care. This product is said to add shine to the hair and also helps in improving the texture. By application of this product on weekly basis, the colour lasts for longer duration and your hair does not require touch up in shorter intervals. Frederick Fekkai Technician Colour Care Mask hair careFrederick Fekkai Technician Color Care Mask ($35, Sephora) Girls who dye their hair, meet your new best friend. It is always frustrating to see your colour lose its shine and vibrance as it begins to wash out, starting about a month or so after you get it dyed. The Fekkai Technician Color Care Mask is a conditioning treatment that you apply for three minutes and then rinse off. Three minutes later, your hair looks rejuvenated, feels extra soft and, most importantly, looks like you just got it dyed. I dye my hair every 3 months and use Technician Colour Care once every couple of weeks to maintain the colour. I definitely notice that regular use of the product helps me get more mileage out of my colour. So, while $35 may seem overpriced for a conditioner, all I have to do is figure in the money I save by not having to go to the salon for a touch-up, to see that Technician Color Care is definitely a good investment. Not many of us know how important is hair conditioning. The reasons for extreme hair fall can be due to dandruff, improper hair care, being out in the sun for a long time and umpteen reasons if we sit and think about. Know about various hair care recipes to prevent such a catastrophe. There are tips on the dos and donts on taking care of hair which are bound to be useful at some point in life. For updates on latest cosmetic products, log on

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