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Why Image matters

Have you ever experienced Regret, Disappointment and Failure in a professional/personal or social situation? Did you ever feel that you will not get a SECOND CHANCE? If you did that something superfluous you would have made it?

We all face such situations at some point in our lives. Sometimes we blame luck, at other times circumstances, call it reserved/conservative nature or something else. It’s time to find out an answer to few questions. It’s time to find out whether your Image is working for you or against you

Well, many people feel hiring an Image Consultant is like hiring a stylist who is going to teach you fashion. Well, friends, this article of mine is to educate you that an Image Consultant is also a personal stylist however not ONLY a stylist.

Appearance is the first thing that people notice, and with improved appearance comes improved behavior and communication (what image consultants call the “ABC of a professional imprint” – Appearance, Behavior, and Communication). Simply put, you look better – you feel better and present yourself as such. This is not about fashion, this is about image – what image am I sending out into the world?

Let me first begin by explaining to you WHY IMAGE MATTERS?

Image matters because people often make assumptions/first impressions on limited information. For example, someone may be perceived as confident because they have a firm handshake. They may be seen trustworthy as they make eye contact. They may be judged as capable, professional, and successful even wealthy or intelligent because they are well dressed. The reverse is also true.

Erma Bombeck said “Right or wrong, the way person looks is the only yardstick you have for measuring people who want your trust even though you don’t know them very well”

Did you know that your visual appearance (clothing, grooming, manners, etiquette including body language, and communication skills) accounts for almost 93% of the impression you give to other people?

Your VISUAL presentation (personal appearance, grooming, manners, etiquette, and communication skills) influences people’s behaviour towards you including:

a)     Complying with your request,

b)    Trusting you with certain information

c)     Giving you access to decision makers

d)    Paying you a certain salary or hiring you or purchasing your product

Your Image is you in the eyes and minds of others. The image becomes your identity. The visual image that you project onto the outside world reflects your personality, your work ethic, your lifestyle, your belief system, and your core values.

Now let me help you understand WHAT IS IMAGE CONSULTING?

Image consulting is the process of helping clients exercise greater control over the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence through the element of image – dress, grooming, and body language including etiquette.

By fine-tuning body language, social graces, and networking tactics, one feels better armed in the ruthless business game of survival.


An Image Consultant transforms the outside to reflect the inside. An Image Consultant guides clients in presenting themselves their best, in achieving their highest potential so that they achieve more of what is possible in themselves and their lives.

When a person finds a style they love it allows them to see all of their inner and outer beauty. In turn, this can generate a wonderful energy for that person, which then flows into all areas of their lives.

There is an entire gamut of services Image Consultant offers – First Impressions and Impression Management, Etiquette, Posture and Poise, Personal Colouring analysis/evaluation Body Shape and Face Shape Matrix, Personal/self-branding, Personal Style Assessment, Social and Business Etiquette, Wardrobe Analysis/Evaluation, Strategic Shopping, Clothing for special occasions, Makeup selection,coordination,application, Interview Image, Strategic Dressing, Speech and Public Speaking, Business Image and Power Dressing, Body Language, Conversation skills, Executive Coaching and Communication Style.

Different person has a different need depending upon their lifestyle, roles, goals and occasions and Image Consultant gives you what you need most.

I hope you know now that an Image Consultant is just not only “Stylist” but is also a “Personal Stylist” along with the others skills he/she possess as mentioned above.


Benefits of the Image Consulting to the clients include enhanced or improved appearance and communication, increased confidence, capability, credibility and productivity. Clients also save time, effort, and money. They benefit by reduced image anxiety and simplify their lives. The recipients of good image work will be happier, with a greater chance for a happier life.


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