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Bow ties – The classic neckwear

Bow Ties - The Classic Neck WearNothing more creates a sense of sophistication about a man, than a bow tie. A bow tie can be easily worn with a suit or a shirt depending on the occasion that one is wearing the tie to.

A simple black bow tie is perfect for a black-tie affair.  When a tuxedo-clad gentleman enters a room, it is the black bow shape framed against a crisp, white shirt that immediately sets his attire apart from a simple dark suit.  Think, James Bond – the sharply dressed man we know.

But, don’t restrict the use of a bow tie to only that. Today, bow ties are available in a variety of colors and patterns, which can be worn for more semi-formal occasions if a match with the right shirt and trouser. For example, one could easily team a paisley bow tie with a solid shirt and trouser.

A bow tie surely adds character, charm, and sophistication to any man who wears it.

There are two types of bow ties: self-tie and pre-tie.

As the name suggests a pre-tie bow tie is pre-tied and works pretty much the same as a clip-on tie. A self-tie bow tie, on the other hand, needs to be tied. For those of you who would prefer to tie your own tie, a step-by-step guide is given below:



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