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Role of film personalities during election campaign

Election season in India is in full fledge and everyone is joining in to support their favorite party or candidate. A lot of film personalities have joined in the bandwagon of politics either by becoming candidates themselves or by supporting their favored politician/party. Comparatively lesser-known film personalities such as Gul Panag (AAP), Mahesh Manjrekar (MNS), Ravi Kishan (Congress), Rakhi Sawant (RAAP), Nagma (Congress), etc. have chosen to contest from various cities across India. Celebs such as Ravi Kishan hope to use their star power to garner votes for themselves through their fan following.

Political parties bank a lot on celebs to promote their parties, especially days before a city goes to vote. This majorly happens because of the selling power of celebs in our country. Whether it’s selling a product, a brand, or a political idea, we seem to lap up whatever they sell to us. Of course, they have immense power to persuade the common man into support the person/people they are backing.

Some celebs such as Salman Khan are very vocal about who they think would be an ideal candidate to vote for. Case to be noted, when he asked fans to support Gurudas Kamat over Rakhi Sawant. With the blind fan following such stars have it is not difficult to believe that one would blindly choose to vote for someone they promote. Another politician who has gained a strong push from the south would be Narendra Modi because of his recent visit to Rajnikanth at his residence in Chennai. With a demigod like status in the South, fans are sure to vote for someone their demigod supports.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the numbers of the celeb-influenced votes, but we can be sure of the selling power of these celebs in our country.

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