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Our Image Consultants worked for Tihar jail – IMPA initiative

IMPA Delhi Chapter has made a commitment to serve society and has decided to reach out to the socially weaker sections and groom them to confidently face society.

As a first of such initiatives, they organised a workshop on How to make a Fresh Start for 150 inmates of Tihar Jail, New Delhi. The workshop was conducted by Ms Anshu Gupta, President Delhi Chapter and Ms Atika Dhandia, Secretary Delhi Chapter and focussed on the basic concepts of :

  • How ‘First Impressions’ get created
  • How to dress properly and the importance of grooming
  • Non-verbal communication taking place through our body language, facial expressions, and eye behaviour
  • General etiquette
  • Motivation
How to make a fresh start Image Management workshop by IMPA in Tihar Jail How to make a fresh start Image Management workshop by IMPA in Tihar Jail

Apart from the inmates, Tihar Jail officials were also present and the entire workshop was well appreciated by them. They felt such initiatives will help these inmates to start a new life. It will give them an opportunity to be able to adjust back into normal society life with great ease.

The session has added a lot of positivity to the outlook of the inmates. They believe even if they apply as much as 5% of what was taught to them during the session, it will make a lot of difference in their lives.

Later, in a separate meeting, the Jail Officials indicated that Tihar Jail authorities would like to tie up with IMPA for conducting such workshops, specifically aimed at inmates whose sentences were nearing completion, and would like to spread these workshops over a period of the next 6 months. The jail officials have been extremely happy with the sessions that have been conducted by the IMPA members as they share the same sentiments with the inmates, that such sessions will definitely help bring about a positive change to the lives of the inmates and will have facilitate their rehabilitation process in a better manner.

And not to forget our consultants who are conducting these sessions, it gives them an immense sense of satisfaction of being an Image Consultant by being able to help those who need it most and being able to have the opportunity to contribute positively in the lives of the inmates.

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