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Are you ready to give up?

The first line of the chorus and the title of the song, Don’t stop believin’ seems to be the appropriate line to start this article with. Most women at some point of their life make a choice of putting their careers on hold for a variety of reasons, especially for their families. Sadly, this pause button that they’ve pressed turns into a stop button and they entirely give up on their careers. It’s a very unfortunate situation, as they are bright and educated women with so much potential to succeed in terms of a career. Most women don’t go back to working due to the fact that they have to go to the office and work 9 to 5 jobs, which extend beyond 5 pm many times and beyond 5 days a week, giving them very little time to spend time on other areas of life, especially their families.

Joining the field of Image Consulting and Soft Skills training, gives women an opportunity to kickstart their careers without having to sacrifice on other aspects of their lives. Also, it gives one a sense of independence and great pride by being known as an entrepreneur. As in the case of being a teacher, training is a very noble profession and commands a lot of respect from clients, peers and family. One has a lot of flexibility in terms of the amount time they want to put into their work and career, so they are free to work as per their convenience. Along, with timings one can choose the clients groups they want to work with as per their comfort levels.

Everyday we see our Image Consultants grow in areas of their interests within Image Management and this helps them expand their business in areas they are comfortable with and know what works best for them.

One may hesitate whether or not they can take this opportunity up due to various reasons and two main reasons being age and lack of work experience. But, we have seen many women at various ages doing extremely well themselves for themselves and their families take great pride in talking about how successful they have been at whatever stage of life they are at. Many children are extremely proud to tell others that their mother is a businesswoman with an ever-expanding business.

With the increase in awareness amongst people, there is no lack of work in the market when it comes to corporate training or even one-on-one consulting. Everyday, there are new opportunities arising and Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) is with all it’s consultants at every stage to promote their consultants in whatever manner required, just as any friend or family member would do.

At ICBI we have seen hundreds of women bring about a change in the lives of hundreds of others through Image Management, what greater sense of satisfaction can one have?

So, are you ready to press the ‘Play’ button for your career?

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