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cross cultural sensitivity

Cross Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace

Globalisation has resulted in increased diversity in the workplace. Cultural awareness and sensitivity in handling multicultural workforce has become one of the most important managing aspects of business. Understanding the varied cultures of the workforce and allies / associates will result in better communication, unity and productivity in the workplace. Similarly the opposite could result in serious HR issues and conflicts. Cross cultural sensitivity in the workplace and awareness among employees / management is very essential for handling multicultural business teams. The employees also understand the importance of being sensitive to various cultural influences in the work place, which would result in better coordination and amicable functioning among teams, departments & offices. Cross cultural sensitivity is also critical in the strategy for an organisation’s global expansion; as marketing and advertising departments will need to take into account the diverse cultures and sensitivities in the countries of expansion. It is critical, as a single unintended, insensitive message could directly impact the growth, sales and turnover and finally the profits!


  • Understanding cross cultural aspects makes the employees sensitive to the other colleagues working in teams, departments & offices
  • It makes the Department heads & supervisory staff sensitive to the needs & habits of the staff/ teams working with them and across the organisation
  • Brings about unity and cooperation among the employees of the entire organisation
  • Marketing, Sales & Advertising departments would become extra cautious and sensitive & research thoroughly before entering new countries/ markets. This would result in better expansion strategy


  • What is cultural-sensitivity
  • How it relates to Business management
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Making cultural sensitivity part of Organisational culture
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