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What Is the Importance of Communication Skills

Communication is the engine of any organization. It decides the direction of an organization’s growth. The ability to communicate effectively is an important skill in today’s professional and personal world. Effective communicators are looked up to and respected for their ability to transfer information in an easily understandable manner and build a conducive environment for exchange of ideas across a wide variety of audience profiles. Communicating effectively becomes an important factor to ensure success of any task which requires synergy between internal and external teams.

So, what is the importance of communication skills? Vocal and verbal communication skills play a key role in helping an individual to express oneself and in turn understand the points of view of people around oneself. Effective vocal and verbal communication skills also adds credibility to the Image that a person is endeavoring to create through visual communication.

A harmonious blend of vocal and verbal communication skill constitutes the completeness of the Image projected and helps individuals to manage their impressions in the minds of others.


  • Will be able to overcome the barriers for effective communication
  • Identify the different communication styles and their differences to communicate in a complimentary manner to every receiver
  • Develop excellent listening skills to communicate effectively
  • Avoid the common listening mistakes


  • Elements of effective communication
  • Communication cycle
  • Role of elements in communication cycle
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Communication styles
  • Listening skills
  • Types of listening

Note: The coverage of content in a particular corporate training session will depend on the time allotted to that session.

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