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Individual Solutions offered by ICBI

Personal Consultation

ICBI offers personal consultation services in Image Management covering the entire framework of Appearance, Behaviour, Communication and Digital Footprint. A certified Image Consultant first does a need analysis and then based on the specific requirements of the client offers several services to help the client project an Appropriate, Authentic, Attractive and Affordable Image.

Image Enhancement Course

ICBI offers a Professional Diploma in Image, Style and Wardrobe Management which covers the entire spectrum of managing your Image. It is a 5-month program with classes once a week over a full day. At the end of the program, the participants understand gaps and how to bridge them. The participants leave with a complete road map and action plan for projecting a winning Image.

Styling and Personal Shopping

ICBI offers styling services for a particular event, photoshoot or for films & television. ICBI trained Image Consultants are also Fashion Stylists with a much higher level of knowledge and skills than what is generally available in the market. They also offer personal shopping services after doing a complete evaluation of the client and help them buy what works best for them.

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