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Institutional Solutions offered by ICBI

Training of Students

ICBI offers several training programs in the areas of Image Management and Soft Skills to enable students of professional colleges and institutes to become Job Ready. Placement is the biggest outcome of any professional institute and ICBI helps in increasing the success rate by training students on skills essential to achieve success.

Teachers and Staff Training

It is critical for staff and teachers in any institute to project an Image that is inspiring for the students. ICBI offers several training programs for staff and teachers on Image Management and Soft Skills which not only helps them in their career growth but also goes a long way in creating an impact on the students which is essential.

Institutional Alliances

ICBI offers an opportunity for institutions to forge an alliance wherein the students, staff and teachers get special fee offers across various programs offered by ICBI. ICBI also welcomes the opportunity to conduct some of these programs in the institute premises with a special fee for students of the institute.

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