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Personal Shopping Services

A smart shopping experience guides on what is right for you. An Image Consultant accompanies you after a pre-shopping analysis and takes you to right places that sell what you need. This avoids impulse shopping and future wardrobe orphans. It’s an outdoor event charged per hour.
Shopping can be a harrowing and an expensive affair if you are not sure of choosing the right places and the right clothes for yourself. An Image Consultant is equipped with the knowledge to evaluate your physical and psychological characteristics, values & traits and to recommend the best styles, colours, fabrics, patterns and accessories which suit you. Also, you would be taken to the right places to make your choices under the consultant’s guidance, which would save you money, time and effort. Your shopping experience would be smooth and delightful as you discover the way to create a variety of looks with fewer clothes.
Ideally, Personal Shopping services are best availed after the consultant evaluates your lifestyle, personal style, body shape and colour characteristics. This would give you the best advantage, as the Consultant would have evaluated all aspects of your physical and psychological traits and values in detail and can give comprehensive recommendations.

Benefits/ Take away from the sessions:

  • The consultant helps you identify the right clothing and accessories to suit your personal characteristics
  • The knowledge and research of the consultant would help you in choosing the right brands and derive best value for your money spent
  • Saves you time and effort and prevents you running around, searching for right clothes at various places
  • You can be confident that the clothes and accessories purchased would help you project the right image and message which you desire to project in your social, personal and professional life
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